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You have influenced the running of my business by reinforcing a lot of the practices I am trying to pass onto my son JR to assure the successful change of ownership that will be happening soon. It is clear you put thought into prodding each member into living up to their expectations. I believe business owners get the chance to gain a huge amount of business experience by working with you.

Jerry Reinhart, Sr.

President, Appliance Service Today

Don Harris’ experience and knowledge has been a huge asset to me. He has years of experience in the appliance repair industry and has always been willing to share his successes, but also let me learn from his failures. He is willing to go the extra mile and his consul is invaluable. Don has the ability to see through all the clutter and help advise anyone to help them reach the best decision. Don Harris is a true asset.

Lance Kimball

President, Appliance Repair Specialists

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