Is Service Call Etiquette Dead?

   Is Etiquette a thing of the past in our culture? In today’s fast-paced world of instant communication and fast-food restaurants, where efficiency and profitability seem to be our top priorities, are we ignoring our customers? Do we think it is our way or the...

Vision-Part 1

Vision Sets The Foundation For Strong Business Growth By: Don HarrisFounder, Appliance Service Secrets If you are like most small business owners, you went into business because you do something that you are very good at and you have a desire to do more than just work...

Vision-Part 2

Vision and Leadership By: Don HarrisFounder, Appliance Service Secrets Vision is the thing inside us that drives us. It keeps us up at night. It keeps our mind active and alive. It gives us a desire to grow or do something different, challenging and motivating. It...
When Is The Right Time To Expand

When Is The Right Time To Expand

So you are considering expanding your business, adding a technician or customer service rep or even expanding into a new area of service! But is the time right, How do i make that decision? As entrepreneurs and business owners we keep looking for the next opportunity...

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